Oh My Gum Designs was born from a love for jewellery making and Australia’s unique native flora and fauna. Drawing inspiration from backyard to bush, we translate natural forms into adorable, bold and wearable art!

Made in Sydney Australia, all our earrings are put together by hand with love and care. Plus $1 from every Oh My Gum purchase is donated to Bush Heritage Australia, an amazing not-for-profit organisation that works to protect and conserve Australia's rich biodiversity.


Oh My Gum's designs are inspired by the beauty of the Australian bush. With it's geographical isolation and diverse climate, Australia is home to some of the most unique flora and fauna on the planet!

However, environmental issues like climate change, urban development and pollution pose a significant threat to Australia's precious and fragile biodiversity. Without careful conservation and planning many of these natural wonders could sadly one day face extinction.

That's where Bush Heritage Australia comes in. This national not-for-profit organisation partners with landowners to buy or acquire areas of high ecological value to establish private conservation reserves. Through their incredible work Bush Heritage has helped protect millions of hectares of valuable land and safeguards more than 236 vulnerable plants and animals.

To show our support, $1 from every piece of Oh My Gum jewellery sold is donated to Bush Heritage Australia. Although small, every dollar counts and you can set up your own monthly donation by clicking here! We hope that with our help these beautiful natural wonders will long outlive their jewellery counterparts!